Release notes

Improvement Announcement Fix New feature
New styling options
Dec 25, 2019
We have added a new settings that lets you further customize the look & feel of project pages. This includes adding a logo, favicon, a homepage URL for a back link, and header styles.
Disconnected repositories with assigned commits history
Dec 10, 2019
We went ahead and made sure that if, for some reason, a repository of a project gets disconnected from GitHub (or GitLab), your commit history won't be affected and the repository can be re-connected.
Full layout for posts
Dec 07, 2019
We're launching a new 2-columns layout for posts, with a larger page editor and a sidebar for basic settings and the included commits.
We also added a new date picker for the date of the posts!
New layout
We have a new sidebar
Dec 06, 2019
We updated our interface with a beautiful sidebar that makes projects navigation so much easier. We hope you like it!