Release notes

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New feature
Jan 08, 2020
Reactions are a great way to capture feedback from your changelog visitors without much effort. With a simple click, your visitors can express their sentiment to your changelog entries, which can be negative, neutral or positive.
New feature
Pin to top
Jan 07, 2020
You can now pin entries to the top of your changelog!
This is perfect for announcements, important features or anything you want your visitors to see first.
New feature
Scheduled entries
Jan 07, 2020
You can now choose a future "Posted on" date in an entry and it will be published on that date.
New feature
New entry publish status
Jan 05, 2020
You can now add a status to entries! You can choose from:

  • Published: makes the entry visible to the public.
  • Private: is for entries to your changelog that are ready but should not be publicly visible , such as internal changes to inform your team.
  • Draft: for work in progress.
New feature
New primary image for entries
Jan 05, 2020
GitInLog now supports a primary image for entries. 
This optional image is shown at the top of the entry and is used for the link preview when sharing the URL in a message or social media.
New feature
RSS feed
Jan 05, 2020
GitInLog now provides an RSS for your changelogs.

Check out changelog feed:
New feature
Pull requests
Jan 02, 2020
With pull requests, developers can tell others about the changes they're pushing to the code. And you can now use pull requests to quickly add entries to your changelog.

Once a pull request is closed (and, probably, merged), simply select it in GitInLog and start a new entry. The pull request description will automatically be there for your to further personalized it and publish it. This will, in turn, add all associated commits to your entry and keep your project in track with all pending changes.

You can learn more about pull request from here or here.
New feature
Entry filters by category
Dec 28, 2019
Visitors of your changelog can now filter entries by category.
These filters are automatically shown when there's at least a couple of categories to filter from.
New styling options
Dec 25, 2019
We have added a new settings that lets you further customize the look & feel of project pages. This includes adding a logo, favicon, a homepage URL for a back link, and header styles.
New feature
Customizable template for new entries
Dec 21, 2019
Adding new entries from a list of selected commits just became a lot simpler.
Now, from the project settings, you can define a template to be used for all new entries. It supports HTML + Liquid language so you can, for example, list the message of included commits.
New feature
Dec 15, 2019
We've added categories to projects. You can create as many as you need, identify them with a color, and add posts to them.

Projects are also created with a set of common categories so it's easier to get started.

New: Categories
New feature
Ignored commits
Dec 15, 2019
We know not every commit is something to announce in the changelog or release notes. Now, you can select those commits and simply marked them to ignore.
New: mark commits to ignore

You can also search and undo ignored commits and assigned or create a new post with them. In the commits section, search "is:ignored" to filter and to bring them back.
Disconnected repositories with assigned commits history
Dec 10, 2019
We went ahead and made sure that if, for some reason, a repository of a project gets disconnected from GitHub (or GitLab), your commit history won't be affected and the repository can be re-connected.
New feature
Custom domains
Dec 10, 2019
Projects can now be configured to be accessible from a custom domain, such as

This is available to all projects from Pro users and to all projects from organizations.
Fixes and improvements
Dec 08, 2019
We've been working on several fixes and improvements, including:
  • Displaying validation errors in new post layout
  • Allow remove all commits from a post
  • Only being able to assign post if there's one available
New feature
Sidebar button for quick start new post
Dec 08, 2019
You can now quick start a post right from the sidebar! This will for sure save some time in your workflow.

New button for starting a post
New feature
Search commits
Dec 08, 2019
You can now search for commits with a simple query language.
For example, searching for assigned commits can be done with "is:assigned" query.
You can also search for text in commits, the author name, the repository name, and more.
Full layout for posts
Dec 07, 2019
We're launching a new 2-columns layout for posts, with a larger page editor and a sidebar for basic settings and the included commits.
We also added a new date picker for the date of the posts!
New layout
We have a new sidebar
Dec 06, 2019
We updated our interface with a beautiful sidebar that makes projects navigation so much easier. We hope you like it!
Connecting repositories with GitHub App
Dec 05, 2019
You can now connect GitInLog to your GitHub repositories with our new GitHub App.

When installing for the first time, you can choose which organizations and projects you want GitInLog to access. Then, simply add those repositories to your projects and you’re ready to start assigning commits.

Have any questions? Just contact us at